Sea Salt Caramel Rooibos

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A delicious and decadent treat of organic South African rooibos paired with hand-cut chewy caramel, toasted sweet brown rice, and the delicate floral notes of Fleur de Sel to draw out the rich, smoky tones in the rooibos and caramels. A perfect balance of sweet and salty. To be enjoyed neat or with a splash of cream and sugar.

2 ounces. Makes approximately 20-25 cups

To steep use 1½ tsp per 8 oz in boiling (212°) water for up to 5 minutes
tea latte (1 serving) 3 tsp tea, 1 cup water, ½ cup steamed milk, ½ tsp sugar or condensed milk. Steep tea in water and add to steamed milk.
Ingredients: organic rooibos, toasted rice, caramel, natural flavors, buckwheat (does not contain wheat), toffee bits, fleur de sel
Allergen Notice: Contains dairy and nuts.