Herbal Tea Infusion Tea Sampler

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Our Herbal tea sampler is perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s someone’s Birthday or you want to treat yourself you will enjoy this tea collection.

Herbal Tea Sampler Gift set includes the following caffeine free teas;

Butterfly Pea Flower  with Mango Herbal Infusion

Vegan & Gluten Free NET WT 2 oz. (56.5 g)

Spanish Sangria Herbal Infusion

This fruit-filled tea blend takes its inspiration from the traditional red-wine Spanish Sangria - a delicious, fruit-based wine "punch". Tart hibiscus is paired with elderberries, citrus, and lemongrass to recreate a cooling summer treat.

Vegan & Gluten Free NET WT 2 oz. (56.5 g)

Hill Country Peach Herbal Infusion

A fruity, smooth, aromatic and sweet herbal blend. Named for the juicy peaches in Fredericksburg, TX. If you can't get to the Hill Country of Texas you can now sip it in your teacup.

Vegan & Gluten Free NET WT 2 oz. (56.5 g)

Lavender Berry Rooibos

A sweet, full-bodied, and smooth blend of rooibos, vanilla, lavender, and natural strawberry flavor. Very aromatic and calming.

Vegan & Gluten Free NET WT 2 oz. (56.5 g)